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I have worked in the music business, as a musician and songwriter, and disagree with the opening post. If the purpose of frum music is to be a part of kiruv, then the music must be current sounding in order to be of interest to Jewish youths (or the not so young) who are estranged from Torah and mitzvot.

Also, if another of the music’s purpose is to bring joy and inspiration to already frum Jews, it doesn’t hurt if the music is “with-it”. To claim that only goys produce cutting edge music is an odd idea – there is nothing “un-Jewish” about writing modern sounding music. Many of the best songwriters have been Jewish, granted, not necessarily frum Jews, but that is not the point. There are frum Jews who are great songwriters and musicians and they should be encouraged to use their talents in a Torah context, not told they need to limit themselves because they are religious.

The point is that music can be very beneficial for both kiruv and providing another way for frum Jews to connect to Torah – and it is only enhanced to the extent it compares favorable with secular music, as long as it is done with the proper middos.

Just my opinion.