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As someone who works in a music store for many years, I find this an interesting subject. Actually, I am pretty surprised at how naive and immature some of the comments here are on this subject. There is really only one answer to this. It’s called the Cash Register. There have been some beautiful very jewish sounding albums released in the past couple of years. Beautiful songs. Beautiful music. Beautiful vocals. Here’s the catch though…..they do not sell a fraction of the cd’s that the wild and crazy ones do. Granted, many times once you take home the goyish sounding cd’s you realize just how bad the quality of the cd’s are and you only listen to it a couple of times before you put it away. You realize right away that there aren’t any songs on the album that you will ever remember or want to sing. Guess what? You have already bought it!! Katching!! Maybe if the consumer would actually give the artists who are putting out the real quality music a fighting chance, things would change. Buying nice cd’s would encourage those producing them to put out more of them. It’s simple economics. Putting out albums is not cheap.