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The goq

I’m sorry for what you went through. It’s amazing that you came out intact, and a real credit to you.

I find it hard to instill a real appreciation of Yiddishkeit in the home. A lot of Yiddishkeit is about have to or can’t do’s. I remind my kids to say brachos and explain it’s how we thank Hash-em. I give them good positive verbal feedback (good job!) when they say it. But, somehow, the reminders seem a bit like nagging, and although they’re young, I don’t think they value saying brachos (for instance). We try to make shabbos fun (play dates, going to the park, shabbos treats, etc). But the do nots are so blatant (no elevator in a building, no bike riding, no muktza toys, no touching the air conditioner if you’re cold, no cooking (even if you want eggs or grilled cheese), etc. And the list goes on. Also, with regard to peer relationships and teachers, that can be an even greater challenge with a kid who doesn’t fit in b/c of special issues. The things that I would love to do that inspire me, to learn/read, go to shiurim, actually be able on shabbos to participate in a shul davening… None of these things are readily available to me at this time/stage in my life. So, I read to my kids, and sing to them at night/shma etc.