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1) Rick Perry will most probably not win the nomination. He just does not seem to be Presidential material. However, I am sure someone who enjoys sorting through trash could have found plenty of trash to dredge up regarding Reagan when he was Governor of California. Reagan was also considered too right-wing at one time.

2) Obama will most definitely not win the election. I actually would like to see him win, though, because he would make such a thorough mess that there would be no President from his party for ten terms after his second term.

I fear that with America fading and Asia rising, there will just be a constant jerking back and forth from term to term unless the average voter understands once and for all that leftist, statist policies and multiculturalism are the reason for the financial, social and moral decline of the United States. Only a real leader can reverse that decline, and while Obama = Carter, there is no Reagan on the horizon (unless someone is waiting in the wings or one of the Republicans is more than meets the eye.)

As for EY, it is time for the medine to act Jewish and stop worrying about what the US or anyone else thinks. However, because of the nature of secular Zionism and the malignancy called post-Zionism that now holds sway in the medine, world opinion and instant gratification matter far more to the state than Toras Hashem does. Sharon borei pri haadomoh told Bush that he wanted “peace,” not the other way around. So the one who is bad for “Israel” is – the state of Israel and until that changes, it does not matter who is in the White House. Regardless, a G-d fearing notzri is not a problem for Jews. Obama is.