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mod42 its not so pashut that you cant have stella dora cookies during aseres yimei tshuva, bec its true that the achronim say you should be machmir not like the rama (who permits pas palter even in a place that pas yisroel is available) during aseres yimei tshuva; however, even the Mechaber himself holds that “b’makom sh’ein pas yisroel yafa k’shel palter” one is allowed to eat pas palter. therefore eating stella dora cookies [which certainly is yafa m’shel yisroel 🙂 ] is mutar according to the mechaber all year round and therefore muttar during aseres yimei tshuva. Please nobody take this as a psak because this halacha is not pashut- some achronim hold that during aseres yimei tshuva we should even be more machmir than the mechabers psak all year round (see Darkei Tshuva 112:28). consult your Rav!