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“anonymrs, you seem to justify your position a lot and have a lot of contempt for the Jewish preschools. any guilt?”

i am not justifying anything, and i dont have any contempt for jewish preschools. what i dont like is when people say that the only way to educate a frum child is by sending him/her to a frum school, where the tuition is astronomical. it is very possible to give your child a wonderful frum education at home while they attend public school. when i was growing up, the public school near my house had more jewish kids than not. its not my first choice, but if thats whats best for my child, then that is what i will do and i will duplement to the best of my ability, be that myself and my husband, or hiring a teacher or rebbi or tutor or whatever.

if parents decide for whatever reason that public school is the best option, why must they be made to feel guilty about it?

by the way, i dont understand the guilt comment- what would i have to feel guilty about?