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ah talmid

Q: Is it right for a ben Torah to look for a shidduch with a girl with money?

A: If she has everything else, and you have two girls: one with money and one without, and both are the same, naturally money is important. So why not? There’s nothing wrong with money. Money’s a sin? Nothing wrong. But supposed you have a good girl, and another girl is not a good girl but she has money, then of course it’s stupid. Money means nothing compared to character. The question is how much should you be willing to surrender for the expectation of money? I cannot tell you that. That’s not easy to judge. Sometimes there’s one that’s very good, but has no money at all. At the same time there may be one that’s almost very good, but with money. Then you have to ask a talmid chochom what’s the ???? – what to do. (#E-212)