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The haimishe silver stores are hurt by this. When I was in NY, my friend, who is well-off BH, married off his first daughter and then a year later, it was time for his second daughter’s chassune.

Knowing that they did not need cash, I bought the first chosson and kallah a silver kiddush dispenser from a mutual friend’s silver shop, a well-known 13th Avenue store. When I went back to get a similar gift for the second chosson and kallah, the best price I could get was about 200 dollars more for a similar piece that really wasn’t as nice or as heavy. I had to give the second sister and her chosson cash/gift certificates instead.

I wanted a particular cup for myself that was on sale at Hatzorfim when I was in EY just before the first chassune, but I passed on it figuring I’d buy it from my friend in NY. I forgot all about it for months and by the time I remembered, prices had gone so wild that the cup was way out of budget for me.