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NOS: I haven’t read read most of this thread so I may be repeating something said before. Firstly, I don’t know that this is always the case but IMO, its not, “I want to text now”, its “I text 99% of my free time and now since I don’t know of something else to do, I have a need to text.” Not because they have a need to text specifically, but because they have a need to do something. In their book, something means texting. Very sadly, I think Shabbos today is sometimes viewed as something to get through. (But unfortunately that could probably describe a lot of things today.)

Meaning there’s an essential part of yiddishkeit missing in them, chilul shabbos is a basic that any orthodox kid is supposed to be afraid to violate, if he/she has any yiras shmayim at all.

I call it a yetzer hara.