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Chacham; The Marsha”g was not mattir the free use of electricity on Shabbos. Not by a long stretch. But he held that B’dieved, it is not Mav’ir D’oraisa.????? ???????? He did, however, permit any task to be accomplished on Shabbos with electrical appliances through the effect of “Gramma” ????.. In one Shaila, the correspondent is asking if a crudely rigged timer (They were not made in today’s fashion. Not even as a mechanical timer. Not to speak of the digital timers of today.) is permitted to be used on Shabbos to control lights. He answered in the affirmative. As a consequence (of his opinion that heat and light from electricity is not real fire.) he held that light bulbs can not be used for Shabbos and Chanuka candles.