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Something looks wrong.

“Chabad” is listed, but it is not a tzedoko. It is a Chassidus/hashkofo. You can’t give money to “Satmar” or “Bobov” or “Belz” any more than you can to “Chabad.” You can give to Merkos leInyanei Chinuch which is “official Chabad”, or Colel Chabad which is the Lubavitch Rabbi Meir Baal haNess in EY or Chabad of (insert state and location) etc etc but not to “Chabad.”

There is also no clear information from Aguda or Aish showing that they’ve authorized any use of their logos.

At best, this is a pre-beta that isn’t ready yet and is using names of organizations as placeholders. That is not very professional, unless they add “Coming soon” or a similar message to make it clear they are not set up yet.

Interestingly enough, the name of this site is very similar in name to a domain that I own and that I used for a now-completed research project. I just happened to notice that I still had the domain three weeks ago and I renewed it when I was doing my (financial) pre-Rosh Hashanah accounting. If this Buy2Give site succeeds, my dormant domain gains value – but I am the last one who wants to see anyone give information to a site like this unless it is very clear that every merchant and tzedoko gave permission to be listed on it.

From the quality of the merchant logos and the questionable information about the organizations, I would say that this is either a start-up that hasn’t launched yet in any meaningful way or a trial balloon site that has already failed.