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This is a beautiful story. I know people will be skeptical whether it is true or not. It really doesn’t matter if it is. We just need to know that it could be because these things do happen. Stories like this happen every day.

I was involved in a few suicide cases. On girl I had met only that day when I was called to help her that evening. I literally didn’t know her from Adam. I went running to her aid and missed a family function to help her. She finally agreed to go to the ER with me and I promised to stay with her all night till she had an admission to the Psych ward for care. She was of age and refused to call any family member. I went to visit her a few times a week and she still hadn’t gotten in touch with her family. I brought her kosher food and clothing and tried to do whatever she needed to feel loved and wanted. She finally reached out to some members of her family who helped her get into a treatment facility after discharge. Months later she came out to Florida and I was supposed to meet her at the airport. We missed each other and she asked me to come over to her Brother’s house. She said her father wanted to meet me.

I went to pay them a visit. Her father thanked me for saving his daughter’s life. I told him he was of course welcome and that she was worth saving. He asked if I knew who he was. I said NO. He then told me that his father a”h and my fahter-in-law a”h were best friends. I almost fell through the floor. My whole spine turned to jelly. I left the house, got into my car and just cried till I had no strength left. I realized that my father-in-law sent me to help her.