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Leave salty snacks and drinks on the table for him to nosh on and drink throughout the day. Dress him in a pair of underwear and a t-shirt only and keep the potty close by (if you can). Tell him “listen to your body and make pee pee on the potty” and then he can earn a toy. Each time he goes he earns the use of an additional toy, activity, or candy. Keep small chocolates or licorice on another ledge nearby, which he can also choose as a reward for “going”. Each successful potty’ing, he earns one toy (can accumulate) or candy. If he has an accident, he loses the use of all toys until he makes again, at which point he begins the process again by earning one toy. Be prepared for this to take up to a week to reinforce. Best to do during vacation when you’re both home to reinforce it.