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Popa Bar Abba- I dont understand how am I wrong: I quoted the 3 Rishonim- Rashi, Rambam, and Rabbeinu Yonah- at least 2 are probably the most influential Rishonim- as saying to work- then you quote me one of 2 opinions in the Meiri as saying it means middos. I might be missing something but what comes out as the stronger view? 3 of the Gedolei Rishonim or the 2nd opinion in the Meiri?

You missed the part where you condescendingly told us to read the rishonim, while you were completely ignorant yourself.

I have no idea what the majority rishonim opinion on this is- and neither do you. Until you read my post, you didn’t even know there were two opinions.

In any event, nobody cares what the majority opinion is. You should follow your rebbeim even if they pasken against the majority of rishonim.