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Lol, that’s really my problem. I looked at a bunch of help sites online and they’re all telling me to use an array. But we didn’t learn arrays yet. The point of this whole exercise was really just to introduce us to methods, so I’m not even sure why my teacher made the loop stuff so complicated.

Anyway, I figured out what I needed to do without extrapolating the variables. But I’m always stumped when it comes to getting input in a loop and then getting it out. It this even going to be relevant later on?

To answer your questions:

1- I usually stick comments in at the end. We haven’t written anything intense enough to need extensive commenting. You’re right, though – next time I ask for help I think I’ll put in some comments.

2- As opposed to globalizing it? My teacher doesn’t like that.

3- It’s for an overall team average. So I need to divide all accumulated scores by the amount of games played by each player.

Yeah, it’s not such a great program, especially for my concentration. I’m probably going to transfer a little further down the line. My father works in computer engineering, and he was also very skeptical of learning Java first. He decided that I should really learn Perl, so he’s going to teach me that over the summer. 🙂