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How about lining up with hundreds of other families to get the new miraculous polio vaccine? (Salk vaccine by injection, Sabin vaccine in a sugar cube, you know which we preferred).

dear Aries – the fax machine goes back to 1840s, I know you’re not that old.

I don’t know what precursor to the fax you are thinking of in an era before the telephone, but faxes (facsimile machines) more or less as we know them, only started to appear in ’70s. – YW Moderator.

dear Haifagirl, please don’t forget Fresca as one of the first (awful) diet drinks. Don’t forget Metrecal, either, for weight loss. Or the appetite suppressant candies, Ayds.

John Cameron Swayze hawking Timex watches on TV.

Alan Shephard blasting off into space.

John Glenn blasting off into orbit.

The Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday night. Everyone would talk about it on Monday.

Who remembers that January is Alien Registration Month — register your alien.

pre-Zip code addresses with zone numbers: e.g. New York, 25, New York, instead of 10025.

Don’t be a litterbug!

The brand new Verrazano Narrows bridge! the longest suspension bridge in the world.

The great east-coast blackout of 1965.

When your whole family would come to the airport to see you off. Just like when you left on an oceanliner. They could accompany you right up to the gate.

Idlewild Airport.

The 1964 Worlds’ Fair and the Unisphere.

the Bell Picturephone. Never really caught on, but it was cool. They would demonstrate it in Grand Central Station.