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“My sibs and I all work but my mother was always and still is a SAHM “

FTR (and this sticks in my craw, folks, and not many things get my goat so strongly) a sahm DOES work!!!!! The difference is that she rarely gets paid for her work, and certainly not paid what she is truly worth, for what she does. A Jewish SAHM is mother, housekeeper, cook, judge, jury, psychologist, mediator, financial analyst and economist, doctor, nurse, problem solver, chauffeur, and above all, teacher and transmitter of what the next generation of Jews needs to know from their earliest formative years. That ain’t chopped liver (and they might make that from scratch, too).

She is the foundation of her home. She works harder than some other people of her generation who have paid positions outside the home. This is not a “what’s more important,” issue. But please try to remember that a woman who stays home with her children and does not hold a job in some office or school, is nonetheless a woman who has a JOB and it is a MOST important one. Not all women today have that ability to remain home. And that is too bad, especially if that is what they would really like to do.