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What do you mean by “give out”? Producing a CD (properly known as an album) can take a hundred grand, if you are: buying a song from a top notch composer; Renting a studio for twelve or more hours over a couple days or weeks; hiring at least five session musicians (assuming your producer plays keyboards or another instrument); hiring arrangers; and paying for a mastering engineer. Duplicate that at least nine times, add the cost of CD duplication (several hundred to thousands of CDs), graphic design, mass printing, assembly and shipping costs and you have a hefty price tag.

Composing your own songs, recording on a small, high quality preamp into your home computer using Cubase or Logic, using excellent sounds from a high-end keyboard, near-range monitors, and some good research can produce (if well done) a very respectable set of recordings. Having them mastered by a pro, and distributing them on iTunes and Amazon MP3 via for $50, can mean that you have produced an album for about a thousand or less, not counting equipment purchases.

Burning discs off your home computer of yourself warbling/yodeling/braying into a $49 recorder from an unnamed Chinese company can be practically free, but is understandably not worth much.

Of course, due to the horrible plague of copying music without buying it, selling music is not profitable at all, as all singers agree unanimously nowadays. The real money is in the concerts.