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When choosing a name everyone’s emotions are running high. If either spouse are uncomfortable or feel that the child’s name can be disadvantageous (and in worst case a tool that can be used in derision and teasing) then as best you can discuss it openly and rationally.

If you have misgivings about a name, step back for a second and see if they are based on emotion or logic and also if you believe your spouse will be resentful of the forced choice of name.Of course no one would ever want that their child should Chasvishalom not be happy about their name.

Certain names even those used in our history by big tzaddikim due to circumstance or negative connotation are sometimes taken out of use or dropped altogether.

I.E. For a period of time in the immediate aftermath of the false moshiach some people refrained from using Shabbtai, you will probably be hard pressed to find anyone name their son Yishmael or more recently use a certain girls name that has become synonymous with cancer.

If the name is so important that you want to use it no matter the personal or social repercussions, a way to avoid unpleasantness is adding a name but from time to time refer to the full name at home.This way you and your daughter will not forget whose name she carries.

p.s. if you dont use the name at all but want a zikaron, start a gemach or endow a tzedaka fund. Zichron or Bais.. and on all stationary write out full Jewish name

Whatever you decide should be with Mazel yiddishe Nachas and ligadla litorah ulichupa ulimaasim tovim and marry a ben torah.