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Eizena Kup

Hello Everyone,

At this special time before Yom HaKadosh, I’m taking this opportunity to beg forgiveness from ALL posters, people whom I dealt with not such a pleasant manner. I’m trying to better myself. I’ll try hard to be civil, gentle, peaceful, gracious. Again please be mochel me (and any other S/N I may happen to have <gasp!>). ESP ARIES, and OOMIS, our highly respected personalities here, whom I have regretfully at times tangled with.

Thank you.

As for me, I’m mochel B’lev Shalem any and all who have hurt me, whether in speech, writing, or otherwise. Whether they’re contrite or not, even if the’ll continue to hurt – ALL IS FORGIVEN!!!

??? ???? ??? ??? ?????!!

A good, sweet, fulfilling year to ALL!!