Reply To: Actuaries


Let me put it to you this way – each exam is like the Bar. And there are at least 8 of them, depending on your track.

I am a working mother in the field, an ASA working on my FSA. If I could do it all over again, I would not choose this career. You are working full time, 9-5 plus commuting time. After the kids are in bed, time to hit the books until you crash. You’ll need to get used to not having any time for yourself, no time to relax or socialize. If your husband is in yeshiva, you will need to find someone to watch your kids every Sunday so you can study. And forget about cooking for shabbos, no time for that – better find a good takeout place nearby.

Not trying to scare anyone off here, just wanted to give you a picture of what life is like as a frum female actuary. I do highly recommend the field for men though.