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How how how on earth can you think Obama policies will improve anyone’s lives? Obama got rid of the work requirement for welfare ( shocker). He has taken away people’s incentive to actually work for a living, and attempt to get off of welfare. He is the biggest supporter of class warfare I have ever seen, he is basically at war with anyone and everyone who has ever worked hard, inherited money etc. He lies up and down about his view on woman’s rights, but when you look at his staff and campaign workers, the salary differences between men and women is vast.

Now I love israel and I agree with you, somewhat. Romney IS a big supporter of israel. In almost all of his conferences, campaign stops, speeches you name it, he discusses his love for Israel and his hope for its safety. He basically condemned Palestinians saying there will never be peace with them because they don’t want it. He said that they actually have no real ties to the land, which is true, and completely supports bibi. He has been friends with Bibi since the 70’s, he would never snub him time and time again the way that the Obama admin. has. Please reconsider your vote because I do not think you have all the facts.