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we’ve gone through this with a close relative–not a teenager who was “bumming out”, also using science and philosophy and other religions etc (acting as if he is the mature and openminded one and we are the ones that are blindly letting society raise us. My husband got guidance and did a ton of research-no matter how well my husband proved him wrong he still was insistent(to the point where he looked foolish but he just couldn’t back down and admit he was wrong) when we saw that logical conversation wasn’t working we were told to just love him and avoid all discussion about his beliefs. I came to the realization that he was dating someone not Jewish and thats where his issues with Hashem came up-he wanted to do what he wanted and not be accountable for it so the easiest thing to do is declare that there is no Hashem c”v and then he can do what he wants. I was referred to a specific rav by someone in the same boat and he told me about a segula involving putting a brick in the oven while baking challah with specific wording on it and then leaving it at a tzaddiks kever-i don’t remember exactly but you know what within a relatively short time he told my husband he was putting on tefillin again and now he is B”H shomer shabbos and looking for a solid frum girl!!! proof that NOONE is beyond hope