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“Aristotle believed that objects fell to the ground because they were drawn to the center of the earth. It was only millennia later that gravity was discovered, and Aristotle’s beliefs were dismissed.”

ummmm….objects do fall to the ground because they are drawn to the center of the earth. (The reason they do so doesn’t have to do with something specifically located at the center of the earth, but they are attracted to the earth, and it is the center of the earth that they are pulled to because that is the center of mass.)

Right. And neither Aristotle nor the modern scientists have any idea why that happens. They are simply describing what they see happening, and calling it a name. Their current theory is that mass bends space through some undiscovered mechanism.

(Abraham discovered the mechanism actually, using the scientific method, but his research has fallen out of favor. He hypothesized there was G-d, and then tested his hypothesis by serving Him. His hypothesis was proven correct by divine revelation.)

In fact, there is no way to prove that mass really attracts other mass. It is just as possible that all the mass we know of happens to have this quality for some other reason, but there are types of mass somewhere which don’t have this quality.