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daniela -“Health true, she does not have a legal requirement (an obligation in criminal law) to listen to instructions from EMT services in California, but if it goes to a hearing, she might lose her licence if she is a RN or receive other sanctions. A medical professional and even a medical student is supposed to get involved whenever no better-qualified professional is on the scene. And she can not argue she felt that resuscitation was not the gold standard of care for that particular patient, she never said so in the call. Also, EMT judged CPR to be gold standard care for the patient, even though a number of minutes had elapsed, and I doubt there was a medical doctor on the EMT crew, so, I would think they strictly followed protocols, EBM and whatnot.”

This whole paragraph goes off on such a tangent -I don’t get your point. This will never go to a hearing and even if it did -her defense is unshakable -she is following her employer’s orders which is in congruence with the facility’s Medical protocols.

I repeat from my posts before -she is NOT under the Medical Authority of EMS.

“Torah? I am sorry, this is not the basis of the law of the land – we wish!”

I was refering to your belief that her actions’ were immoral. They were Not immoral, nor were they illegal.

I am quite puzzled about all your posts here in this topic. Almost every single one of them you post like this is the law and you are the expert. I really haven’t found one of your posts yet that you were correct in Medical law. Perhaps you need to research this topic throughly before you post?

The nurse acted correctly morally and legally given the circumstances.