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You say “Yes, although our communal leadership is either in massive denial, or in massive cover up mode.”

Everyone judges a situation by circumstances they are familiar with. Therefore, It seems that you are most familiar with a specific community where there is a massive issue of drug use in “Yeshiva”.

While there is likely some drug use/abuse in almost any yeshiva, and the Roshei Yeshiva are aware of the possibility, the yeshivas I am familiar with would not condone such behavior nor would they allow to come to a situation where there is massive drug use!!!

I am thus agog to hear you say it is a massive issue and must surmise that since you are a teacher and have a PhD, it must be true in the circumstances you find yourself, yet not so in yeshivos that I am familiar with.

It is certainly a much more accepted practice among the leftward leaning crowd to use and abuse such substances recreationally. They somehow feel that dina dmalchusa does not apply to them.