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The main reason to execute a heinous criminal, is to permanently remove him from ALL society (that includes prison inmates as well). How many murderers have killed guards and other prisoners while in prison?

“Incapacitation- To prevent criminals from continuing to do crime, we lock them up.

The death penalty does not incapacitate more than life in prison.”

Did I misread this? Death is way more incapacitating – it is permanent. Life in prison is not always life in prison. And personally, I don;t want my tax dollars to have to be spent in hiring personnel to guard, feed, house, and give health care to monsters who took those privileges away from someone else.

IF – and it is a big if – there is no question that COLD-blooded murder was committed by that person, with no mitigating factors (such as years of abuse, fear for life even if not imminent, etc.), then I am in favor of swift execution. if there is any mitigation at all, then I am in favor of prison time. Admitted terrorists should not even get to stand trial. They should be treated with the same “justice” that they dispensed to their victims. In fact, if they get caught BEFORE they were able to detonate the bomb – the bomb should be strapped to them and then detonated in a “safe” area. (I know, I know, it’s time for my valium).