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Popa has really expressed it well, IMO. The bottom line is that I have no wish to keep murderers alive. They do not deserve the gift of life, the free medical care, room, and board (even though it is is a terrible place). They deserve to be in the same type of dark, cold box in which what is left of their victims innocently and undeservedly resides. A person who would even THINK of setting off a bomb, does not even deserve that much.

A cousin of mine in E”Y once said that every Muslim terrorist who is caught should be executed and wrapped in pigskin or fed to pigs. Perhaps THAT would be a deterrent to that particular group. (They can’t get to Paradise and their 72 ladies in that case).

I apologize if I am coming off as bloodthirsty. I used to be a more politically-liberal thinker. Then I grew up.