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Hi oomis

I wonder if you have ever considered what would be the consequences for Jews worldwide (especially in Muslim countries, but also in Western countries with strong Arab or Muslim minorities) should your misguided plan be implemented. Or is that an intended consequence of your plan, to make life impossible for Jews outside the Medinat?

I would also like to ask what you propose to do, when it comes to the consequences for the Medinat itself, given that we can expect the Arab citizens, the PA citizens, and the citizens of the neighbouring countries will “react” to your proposal. Are you going to demand that, after having been kicked out by the countries we lived in for centuries (and losing whatever belongings we have there) we “donate” our children’s life to the IDF so that they may R”L suffer a futile death?

Finally, given that your proposal is unlikely to pass unnoticed in the international community, I wonder if you would be delighted in the event R”L the hospital and police services of countries worldwide would deliberately make sure that Jews who are determined (by their legal systems) to be guilty of something and die in custody, should suffer autopsies and afterwards be cremated.

Thank you for clarifying for all readers the difference between Torah and Zionism. That is the same difference between Zaka respectfully washing and recomposing every deceased, including the terrorists, and the proposal you stated.