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To “Charles Snort” — translations

???? ??? ????? ?????? ???? ?? ?????? = The words of the teacher, or the words of the student, to whom do you pay attention (as in: what Ha-Shem tells you to do, or what anyone else tells you to do, which do you pay attention to).

???? ??? ????? = [you are required] to allow yourself to be killed rather than violate the law – this applies to unlawful spilling of blood, idolatry in all forms, or engaging in a sex crime — whomever is trying to coerce you to violate these laws is considered a pursuer trying to kill you and you may kill him in self-defense

??? ??? = period of persecution – such as when the powers that be are demanding non-observance of mitsvos as part of a program to undermine Torah and mitsvos — in this situation, even the most trivial minhag (e.g. tying shoes one way, if the non-Jews tie it a different way) is mandatory even if it will result in death