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Rebdoniel: Your last paragraph is not so wrong. However, applying those statements to Women of the Wall is dishonest. That’s not their purpose. I’ve gotten in trouble here before for saying that a woman can wear a Tallis (under certain circumstances). That’s fine. Women are allowed to do Mitzvos Asei Shehazman G’rama if they want. Ashkenazim would make a Brachah. Sefardim wouldn’t. Nothing wrong with that. That’s not what the Women of the Wall want. They want to destroy Yiddishkeit and as such are among the worst of the Mesisim Um’dichim out there. Harayah they have a space, also along the Kosel, where they can wear a Tallis without being arrested (in the past) and without being harassed. They are ignoring that because their goal is to make a scene and “liberate” the Kosel from a Mechitzah and from Yiddishkeit Bichlal. They are R’shaim Gemurim and your sympathy is wasted on them. Instead have sympathy for others who actually care about following actual Halachah.