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FTR, that would completely backfire, because if you’re really separating them because the older kids will do better, once the classes are separated, the older kids will continue to do better and the gap will only get even bigger.

That is a cute argument, but it really is tricking you. You need to think about it again.

Look at this this way: Under the current system, it is presumed that anyone who is between 6 and 7 can do a 1st grade curriculum, and is made to do so. The younger kids have a much harder time, and seem weaker, while the older kids have it easier and seem smarter. The teachers take note of this, and the kids do as well, and that compounds the problem.

So the suggestion is to split the class–but still teach both classes the exact same curriculum. That is, don’t slow it down for the younger kids even one drop! The only difference is that the 6 year olds are not longer being compared against the 7 year olds.