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However the possible poisoning of many situations There are others that you can think of that wont be named here have far been worse than any good they might have done

ZD: You are confusing two groups of people. The first group works with those outside the “orginized community”, and does much good. These are the Misaskim, Hatzolah, Food Pantry, and other org. that do much good for the Klal. It also includes those who interface between the people and the government, such as the Agudah. These groups/Askanim are (IMHO) good for the Klal.

On the other side, you have those who work within the “orginized community”, and interface between the community and its leaders. These are the “Gaboim”, “convincers” and “Hockers”, who push the leaders of the community to do things they would not have done otherwise. They create a layer of separation between the leaders and the people, and those are the problem.