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Daven in a chassidish place. Its normal to raise your voice by Davening. I don’t scream or make “kolos” I raise my voice when I Daven to a conversational level. Shemoneh esrei is meant to be silent. The rest should be loud. Its called pesukei dzimrah (from the loshon of zemer-song) for a reason.

The little I know

Interesting that when it comes to Davening a little loudly people are disturbed. I guess you never attended a loud ball game or anything of the sort. Yes its inappropriate to scream and shout (in most shuls) but its perfectly normal to daven out loud and with feeling. I have never seen an adam chashuv that doesnt raise his voice by Davening. If you enjoy and feel your davening you raise your voice. In fact there are places in davening where we mention the concept of saying Hashems praises to others, theres the idea that when you Daven you should Daven out loud and “spur on and urge” others to praise Hashem and sing to Him.