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Temimus: When I said we are past that I meant in this discussion. You obviously didn’t read the previous posts. Women do many mitzvos by going outside like walking outside to shul to hear shofar, going to shul to hear megillah, going outside to join a tzibbur for tefillah, tashlich (ok that’s a sore point). To single out one mitzvah, namely of Kiddush levanah because of kol kvodah is ridiculous. Also, as I pointed out Kiddush levanah can be done in the woman’s backyard. So while kol kovoda is certainly relevant it hasn’t stopped women from doing other mitzvos. So why single out Kiddush levanah. Daas Yochid was trying to explain it that based on a Chasam sofer that Kiddush levanah was usually done in a group of mostly men outdoors and at night so specifically Kiddush levanah developed this minhag. And I hear that, but to just say kol kvoda is untenable.