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i am on slichos’s side here. sometimes you have to say your point in a way its understood without beating around the bush. she didnt understand that people were ignoring her becuase they were getting annoyed. so she kept posting more. i dont tend to post much but i like reading the comments here. and over the last few weeks or so, the CR has been inundated with her posts, many about such futile things. it was a bit cyber bullying-ish as she was stepping on other peoples posts constantly. no one saying anything is passively rewarding to her. it makes her think that its ok and she will continue to do it. shes obviously going through a hard time and came on here for some attention/interaction. i dont know what her family life is like at home or how many friends she has but apparently if all was well, she wouldnt have needed to put herself out there so much. my heart truly goes out to this girl and i hope shes ok. mi kiamcha yisroel that no one wanted to say anything to hurt her feelings (as you probably are thinking the same thing as me), but in this case i think i feel it was justified. plus, remember, her anonymity is still intact. so she doesnt need to worry about that and can go about life like this never happened. i do believe tho that rather then one of us, the moderators should have told her to limit her postings, perhaps through email in a private manner. in the future i think they should do it. infact there should be a new rule that so many new posts can only be posted by anyone whether per hour or day week or however they want to work it. this way it makes everyone here equal and no one can step on anyone.