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A possible answer to this question, and yekke’s third question: When the Beis Yosef says in one answer that every day they found the menorah full with oil, this doesn’t mean it was replenished every morning, in which case one can ask, this is not shemen zayis, but shemen nes, but rather it means the oil was never depleted at all. This is like the fire in the ??? as is described in Shmos Rabba 2,5 “????? ????? ?????” burns but does not consume. But at the same time the fire must halachicly come from the oil, and it does as proof of its igniting when there is a wick and oil, and similar to the fire which Rabbi Elazar describes happened to him miraculously in his house in Bereshis Rabba 11,2, which he lit from oil and wick, but when he came Motzaei Shabbas he found it “???? ??? ??? ????”. This is understandably a very great miracle, because it is reliant on the oil and at the same time doesn’t consume it, similar to the paradoxical miracle of ???? ????? ???? ?? ????.