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BoysWork, you speak like someone in my age demographic (I agree with you). I don’t personally like to use words like nonsense and brainwashing when it comes to talking about a Makom Torah, but I can feel the emotion behind what you are saying, and I do agree that not everyone is right for or should be expected to go to Kollel.

Most Seminaries and Yeshivos DO push the glories of the Kollel life on their students, when the reality is that in spite of the spiritual rewards, sometimes it IS extremely difficult and even disillusioning for many young women. That is not to denigrate the Kollel, and there are many bochurim who SHOULD remain in learning. But not ALL of them belong, and NOT belonging does not make a boy any less worthy than his Kollel counterpart. For every Yissachar there HAS to be a Zevulun, who received the same reward as his learning brother,simply for being mechazeik Torah learning.