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Shopping613 🌠

So, I do agree with this guy, like look at ___________ new album that just came out. All the tunes were computerized and rocky and just didn’t have a refined feel to it.

Yes fast songs CAN be refined!!!! Go to a wedding, the music there is fast and refined, not like rap songs and the such…EX. nanach style, or ___ style….

They can give inspiration to make a jewish song….

So what is a ggod jewish song????????

– Kosher lyrics, not just stam, something with no point, like about getting drunk or something. Lyrics that you can feel for and affect your avodas Hashem

– A lively or slow refined tune. Something that hits the neshoma by either making you cry or dance. Not rap, computerized songs, not songs that sound like they were made up at a Rodeo or something.

– A feeling, songs have feelings, no, not an angry feeling, whatever the composer was thinking of or expressing in his music outwardly or not can be seen. You just have to look.