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    Shticky Guy

    So long, ?????! See you in 9 days! (or 3 depending on your minhag).

    I’m always pleasantly suprised at how many chassidish guys – or to rephraze how many chassidish looking guys – who must be ingarish etc have not changed this minhag and still openly wear their ??????? on chol hamoed with their chassidish levush. This is such an important mitzva that they have changed many of their minhagim and dress but not this. Kudos to them!

    Please post stories or anecdotes which show the importance of ????? or how they have saved lives etc.


    It’s not a pure chasidish/misnagdishe split, it’s more muddled. For example, BMG officially wears (not the building…).


    After a ???? you start over unlike with ?????

    Shticky Guy

    After a hadran you (hope to) start over again, so I was expressing the same sentiment with my tefillin. We left them on erev yomtov and hope to return to them soon. Anyways what is a chassedisher litzvak and does it wear tefillin on chol hamoed or not?


    The Remo Paskans to lay Tefillin with a Berocho, so clearly this is the final Pesak.

    He was around long before the Vilna Gaon overtook Eretz Yisroel with his practice going against the Remo.


    Sorry 147 but often the Rema isn’t the final pesak, the achronim weigh in the shitos and are machriya. In this case, the Gra’s opinion is held to be of great weight, & usually is held to the esteem of a rishon. Thusly, those who wear tefilin don’t make a brocha, & many follow the Gra and don’t wear them at all.


    147 –

    The opposite of what you said. Anytime a later authority knowingly disagrees with an earlier one, the later one carries more weight.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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