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    What is Yontel referring to when he speaks about shuman?


    cherry, they used to have nothing on the table, and would hold a bag under the matzah to catch the crumbs. I don’t know what they did by korech, but I imagine that they put the sandwich together and ate it over a bag the same way.

    Shticky Guy

    There is a ???? for most ?????? and one should not just ‘mach avek’ a ???? just because it sounds over the top or strange without asking.

    For example, there is a ? ????not to even mention the word ??? at all over ???. It probably seems a far fetched bubba maaser, until you find out that it is brought down by no less than the ??? ?????.

    Unless you see somewhere that a particular custom is a ???? ????, then treat everything with the premise that ???? ????? ????, and your lack of knowledge of a source does not detract in any way from the???? ?.

    A wonderful and peaceful yomtov to everyone!


    For an article on Kitniyos go to http://www.kof-k.org/foodforthought.pdf


    For a very enlightening article by Horav M D Lebovitz of KOf K about Gbebrokts & other chumros go to



    the satmar rebbe zt”l was not makpid aboutthe watter on the leaves by korech


    my shvigger, a’h, used to make falsa fish.. shaped like gefilte fish, made from ground chicken, cooked in water. they didn’t eat fish on Pesach.

    Do you perchance have the recipe????


    oomis, I thought your shvigger wasn’t frum (from your previous comments that your husband being a bt)?

    always here

    oomis~ I don’t have an exact recipe & no one’s around right now to ask, but the ingredients are: ground chicken breasts, some grated onion, some grated carrots, eggs, salt, pepper, (maybe a little potato starch to bind?). shape into ovals. put in boiling water that has salt, pepper, onion, carrots, a little sugar, (celery if you use it).. it’s cooked for about an hour or so. ..Pesach Sameach!! 🙂


    shticky guy: could you please give a source for this supposed Pri Megadim. I am not familiar with such a statement anywhere in his sefer, nor is it quotes in the kitzur seforim.


    Falsha fish…is that eaten with falsha teeth?


    Although I buy flowers (most of the time) for every Shabbos and Yom Tov, for Pesach my minhag is not to do so. The reason is that if I were to put the flower in water for longer than 18 minutes it would create a problem of chametz.

    Chag Sameach.


    My family did not eat milchigs on Pesach. Also, my Zeidies only drank white wine at the Seder because of the blood libels. I personally do not follow that custom as it was done out of fear of the Goyim at that time and place.


    In my family, we are <“extremely”> makpid not to allow even a morsel to pass our lips on pesach except for the seder night. Nowadays, in our terrible generation that has no respect for their parents (must be ikvesa dimeshicha), there is a chashash on <“all”> foods. We eat matzah baked by alte bubbes from the heilige alte heim, and that’s it. We drink only water for the rest of the chag.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Those matzas must be pretty stale by now…

    In my house, we only eat Matzas that were baked in Mitzrayim as the Yidden were leaving.


    Now, THAT is an extreme chumra.

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