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    All of you. I make up such good and funny stories for you, and you never reciprocate. The best I get from you is a one liner.

    Even squeak just hits back with one liners. I want to see some good old fashioned motzaei shabbos troll posts and stories about shabbos abbas.

    YW Moderator-007



    What does ROTF stand for???






    Usually it is accompanied by an L=Laughing, but it could just as easily be accompanied by a C=Crying, T=Throwing Up, S=Sleeping, or pretty much any other letter in the alphabet, so 007 we’re wondering what are you doing down there anyway?????

    How’em I doin’ Popa?


    YW Moderator-007

    Why is a grown adult rolling on the floor? Preparing for purim perhaps?

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I also hold like you, that hakaras hatov means reciprocating in kind.

    One time, I was down and out. No job, no money, and major shalom bayis issues. My good friend was a real lifesaver. He convinced a business associate of his to give me a job. I started as a salesman, but I was able to build myself up to be head of the sales department. I was b”H able to pay my bills, with something to spare, and earn back my wife’s respect.

    The problem was, how can I possibly repay him in kind? He was successful in his job, with a great marriage; a bottle of wine or a heartfelt letter just wouldn’t do the trick.

    So I spread rumors about him that he was involved in a ponzi scheme.

    His business associates no longer trusted him, so he couldn’t do business and he lost all his money. His marriage was, b”H suffering terribly.

    So I was able to convince my boss (with whom I had since become partners) to hire him as a salesman.

    B”H, hakaras hatov lemehadrin!

    All because I hold like Popa, that hakaras hatov means you have to do exactly the favor that was done for you, in order to show your appreciation.


    Shkoiach, DY!


    What should I do? The goyim want to offer me a Fields medal, but it wouldn’t be tznius to accept in public. My mechaneches says it would be bad for shidduchim, but then I could get a job and support my husband in learning for the rest of my life. Also, my rabbit ate a pickle and now he has an allergic reaction, should I give him benadryl?

    ED IT OR


    So thats what happened. Now i understand


    wow im a lil confused.. is this supp 2 be random?

    if so, here goes:

    today, not yesterday, i was walking down the street and saw the oddest thing. it was th oddest thing since i saw bread being sliced with a, get this, a k-n-i-f-e!! how weird can u get alredy?

    so it was the stranges thing wat i saw.. theres was a round circle ball of white frozen sugary liquid and someone was licking it with their tounge!!! can someone explain why a alien would do something like this??

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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