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    Shticky Guy

    If you are, do you put marshmallows on your barbecue? They contain fish gelatin. Is that a problem coming as it does from the bones of fish, or are bones different?

    On a similar issue, if you don’t eat fish and milk together, do you ever order a tuna pizza or quiche?


    Yes, I am makpid not to eat fish/meat together.

    I don’t own a barbeque and the thought of eating marshmallows together with meat makes me a bit queasy.

    I do eat fish/dairy together. I realize that that makes me a horrible person according to some people because I disregard their particular chumra/minhag. Deal with it.

    The Wolf


    It’s a Minhag based on Sakanah and we see that there is no Sakanah Bizman Hazeh. There’s no need to extend it past what is already Nahug.


    Ask your LOR.


    Some people are Makpid on fish and milk but not fish and cheese.

    Being that fish and meat is a Sakana and not a Din, you would have to know which part of the fish is the Sakana. Probably not the entire fish.


    What do you mean being ?????!? Its haloche! Are you makpid to put tefilin every day?

    Shulchan Aruch yore dea 87:3 shach seif katan 5

    btw. And the other haloche is that you are allowed to eat fish and milk.


    havarka – If you takeh hold it’s halacha to the extent you imply, then it’s more important than putting on tefillin every day.


    Havarka: It’s a Halachah based on a Sakanah that we see doesn’t exist Bizman Hazeh for whatever reason. There is definitely a strong support to rely on for those who are not Makpid on it.


    yitayningwut: Sorry , i Dont understand what you wrote.

    Sam2: Even if its an halacha based on a Sakanah , still its Halachah. We do Mayim ajaromim also “based” on a Sakana but we still do it. We read haftara even when today is allowed to read the torah.And we have thousands of minhagim which we wouldnt have any jiyuv to do them but we still do , so you still have to fulfill this one.

    To ask if you are makpid on this is like if you ask , are you makpid on keeping shabat or keeping kashruth! there is no makpid and no makpid , its halacha!


    When I studied for My Semicha, this Din was part of Yoreh Deah, where it quotes Sakana being more Chomur than Halocho. To the best of my knowledge, the Shulchan Orech has not been revised nor redacted, since I was awarded Semicha. & if it was redacted, more likely than not, I would have read about that, in 1 of the English language Jewish newspapers. A redaction of the Shulchan Oruch, may even have been front page news, in 1 or more of the Jewish newspapers.

    & this Halocho in Yoreh Deah is written in Hebrew & not in Yiddish.


    Of course I don’t eat fish and meat together (it’s why I get upset when I see supposedly kosher recipes that call for worcestershire sauce on meat (hard to find that sauce not made with anchovies). I do cook fish with cheese (tuna melts, for example), but never with fleishings.

    I have never understood what the “sakana” was, and it would be worthwhile for tabbanim to explain that to us. When something is done for a reason other than “Hashem commanded it,” it is helpful if the reasoning behind it is clarified. Otherwise we run the risk that someone will say that the sakana existed then but not now, so it’s not shayach anymore. That may or may not be true, but it helps to let people know what is behind the halacha, the minhag, the chumrah, the whatever. What was the sakana then, and why is it or is it not sakana now?


    147: And when you studied this din in the (rabbinic Hebrew, not Yiddish) Shulchan Aruch, what did it say about taaruvos of fish and other things together with meat? WHat about rendered fish products? Waiting? How far do you have to go to separate them?


    Havarka and 147: No, because for Halachos based on Sakanah it’s entirely valid to say “Puk Chazi May Ima Davar” and “Keivan D’dashu Bei Rabim…”. And Havarka, putting an Issur based entirely on Sakanah (which might have the status of an Issur D’rabannan, I’m not sure of that, but presumably the only Issur is the Sakanah part) on the same level of Shabbos is ridiculous and you know it.


    “Is that a problem coming as it does from the bones of fish, or are bones different?”

    Not a problem.


    Wolf – I’m with you! (I usually agree with you on most topics- I like your way of thinking).

    We don’t eat fish and meat together but we do eat fish and milk/cheese together. So I guess I’m just at horrible as you are. 🙂


    147 –

    …except that the most relevant source on the matter is the Magen Avraham on the topic, which is, of course, in Orach Chaim. Maybe your semicha program didn’t cover that.

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