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    ” mitzvos is the criterion”
    Mendelsohnn also observed mitzvos
    Goals are the more important


    It is time… Goals without mitzvos are meaningless. You have to do it, not just think about it. If you don’t actually keep, then whatever you think is meaningless.

    Mendelsohn was a tragic figure, caught in the middle of a change that no one understood at the time. That whole world is gone, and at this point he’s ancient history as far as frum hashkafos are concerned.

    Baltimore is inclusive, not exclusive. From MO to Belz – we’re all one people with one Torah. And the ones without Torah at present are still part of us, even they’re currently a little confused.


    Randalstown is pretty much gone. I know a daughter of the rav who used to have the shul there, and there are hardly any frum left at all. There are a few frum in Mt. Washington, but not so many, since the area is really expensive. It’s also far from kosher shopping. The Park Heights – Pikesville corridor and the northern extension into Greenspring are where most frum live. If there aren’t shuls already there, or the zoning laws will prohibit turning houses into shuls, then people just won’t move there.

    I believe TA is outside the general eruv and mostly only TA faculty live there.


    There are many frum ex-Baltimorian living in the New York metropolitan area. They are very nice people.


    There are many MO in the Park Heights/Greenspring area including one of my kids and their family. Driving up to them from the Baltimore beltway, it seems there are multiple frum modos including a beautiful Beis Yakov campus etc. While the grandkids attend an MO dayschool, the family davens at a local Chabad shul that is very close to their home where they are welcomed. As others have said, Baltimore seems to be a very tolerant, non-judgmental community


    There were once five shules in the Randallstown area. They are all gone now; either they’ve moved or merged with other shules within the eruv. The community there waited too long to put up an eruv; by the time they did so, most of the people in my generation had already moved within the Park Heights eruv. It was a shame. I have many very fond memories of growing up there and of the shules in the area.

Viewing 6 posts - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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