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    Puk cha-zeh mai ama davar…


    Avira, I believe mdd said you can read the Chazon Ish to say that anyone who became a full time baal aveira, including those that come from Frum families and were brought up Frum, to be tinokos shenishbu. And the CI was moida that his position is a shvere kula that goes against the accepted widespread Psak and interpretation of what Tinok Shenishba means. He didn’t indicate that’s an excuse for doing aveiras.


    Did you witness him eating treif ?
    Did you witness him being
    mechalel Shabbos ?
    You were there ?
    Or could it have been like the Naftali
    who went on Shabbos to save Yidden ?


    Avira brings a great point hashkafilly if not halachically: people who keep Torah are responsible for the rest of the yidden. As r Salanter said: someone not learning Torah properly in vilna leads to a professor in Paris to do aveiros….

    This applies especially to Israelis who are so close to datiim, but often not really relating


    Gadol, I am repeating: with people like Bibi, you can’t discuss their shortcomings without acknowledging their zechuyot. This would also apply to Sharon, Begin, Rabin. Ben Gurion, etc


    User176, what did you mean by that? Could you please elaborate?


    Did anyone sit and eat trief with
    Did you witness him being mechalel

    Maybe if he did it was like Naftali did
    for the sake of saving lives


    Very often in halacha poskim will come to a crossroad of opinions without any clear direction of how to conclude the Halacha and the solution is to see what people are doing and establish Halacha accordingly. As well, often there is a particular “minhag” which the poskim try to understand how it developed despite being halchically questionable. When a large community of people is doing something questionable the first option is to be melamed zechut and see if there is any way to justify the minhag within Halacha (even though the posek might not agree to it lechatehila).

    In the case at hand there really is only one nafka mina; whether or not these people are considered Jewish. If a posek learned the sugya and came out clear a certain way with no room for an alternative understanding, I understand why he is posek that way. If it isn’t clear, or there are multiple psakim of equal weight, I would imagine in this case they would be mekel. Although, I am not a posek…


    User176, what are you referring to?

Viewing 9 posts - 51 through 59 (of 59 total)
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