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    So, your family made your SIL even more jealous.


    Ctl your last story is not really a proof
    I would not put in a pool on my property were I to be able to afford it, due to safety worries.
    But you can be sure I would use one I had access too as often as I could.
    Reason being, the safety issue people are concerned about is c”V a child getting in when nobody is around.
    Not really concerned about allowing my. Kids to swim while I or a different responsible adult watches them.
    It’s no different than any other pool.

    Avram in MD


    “My comment is that I find the attacks amusing. It is not limited to the CR.”

    No, your comment was that you always find the attacks amusing, which indicates prior knowledge. You know what types of responses are likely to your words, and I don’t see how the results of potential onas devarim or lifnei iver could be amusing.

    “but when my mother gave me her engagement diamond for Mrs. CTL SIL was seething with jealousy, claimed it belonged to her since I was not the eldest son”

    Something tells me that had little to do with the diamond itself, and more about how welcome (or not) she felt in your parents’ family. Especially considering that your mother singled her out for exclusion in the will. Had the issue just been about getting a diamond, your brother could’ve easily ameliorated her feelings by buying her one.

    ” Just an excuse, they could not afford to have one put in, so they swam by us or my MIL.”

    Actually your wife’s younger sister is acting in a very smart way. Drowning is R”L the biggest killer of children under 4 in the U.S. other than birth defects, and most of these drownings occur in unattended swimming pools. By bringing her children to your pool to swim, she gets the best of both worlds – access to a private pool and the ability to prevent access to the pool when it’s not swimming time. If I lived by close relatives with a pool and who welcomed my family to come swim in it, I would certainly not build one on my property, even if I could afford 10 of them.

    Avi K

    Apushatayid, the CS and others I cited seem to not like buying sturdy homes in shmutz la’aretz in general. From what I know of Jewish history I would imagine though that luxurious homes for them (and certainly in Radin – the CC also condemns luxurious living and says that it leads to cheating in business and worse to keep up when times turn tough) were not very big. I know someone whose parents made aliya from the Carpathian region (I think that he was also born there but came a small child), He described their description of the town as “a hole”.


    With proper fences, locked gates and swimming pool alarms AND PARENTAL SUPERVISION, children should not be able to get into the pool on their own. We have 8 foot high fences (building code only requires 5 feet) that are alarmed. The self closing gates have locks that require a key and a combination, and there are alarms that sound if anything more than 15 pounds enters the water.
    When SIL’s FIL was niftar and there was a yerusha, one of the first expenditures was for a swimming pool of their own. In this case the safety concern wasn’t the issue, it was money.


    Ctl that may be so but then that is the proof not what you said before
    Either way in a large family and on-premises pool is not a good idea you can God forbid have a situation the parents are away and older sibling decides to go swimming is negligent and closing the gate and leaves it open younger one comes in the bag they’re not as responsible they found that the code they know where the keys are it’s very good and wonderful when you have a small family far spaced out children I wish you lots of goodness


    I see my comment came out garbled I was trying to say that in a small spread out family you can exercise such security measures and they will work when one is blessed with a large family with many children one has to be concerned that while the parents are away one of the older children who is not yet fully responsible will figure out a way to go in and then will not be careful and a younger child will manage to figure out their way in God forbid and you can result in a tragedy recriminations later will not bring a child back to life it’s a risk not worth taking


    The novee promises:
    “כי לי איים יקוו ואניות תרשיש בראשונה, להביא בנייך מרחוק כספם וזהבם איתם”
    as such, not just will
    עתידין בתי כנסיות ובתי מדרשות שבבבל שיקבעו בארץ ישראל
    but when Moshiach comes BBA, also
    ספם וזהבם איתם
    including mansions.
    therefore, no lack of emunah in geulah by buiding a mansion with such an intent:
    to have a mansion in EY.
    (NOT like Avi wrote: ” Chatam Sofer adds that someone who builds such a house in Chul shows that that he does not believe that we will go back to EY (or does not want to).” – which isn’t fully correct).

    Avi K

    1. Liberals want to tax. Socialists want to take away but still have free elections. It does not matter how they do it. As Daniel Webster and John Marshall said in McCulloch v. Maryland</em? the unlimited power to tax is the power to destroy.
    2. Actually there are several like her. They are the future (or end) of the Democratic Party. Joe Biden is the Great Moderate Hope and he will be a couple of weeks short of 78 on Election Day 2020. Nancy Pelosi is 78 and Dianne Feinstein is just short of 76.


    I don’t think any of the three elders you mentioned are like AOC
    They have learned how to play the game, she is a newbie making waves and outrageous statements. She doesn’t represent me, only those in her Congressional District.
    Feinstein represents only the residents of California
    Pelosi has additional power as Speaker of the House and is a pragmatist. She seen an impeachment attempt would be futile and a waste of resources,
    Biden, holds no office. I like him very much (having met him numerous times), but would like a younger candidate this coming election. I am very much undecided as to who I’ll support in 2020. I also have not decided if I want to be a delegate to the National Convention, but I’ll be one to my state convention.
    I live in a Republican Town when it comes to voting for state and national offices, but the local Republican leaders I know are embarrassed by and do not support Trump. A number of them have intimated they could support a Biden led ticket if the VP choice is not radical


    back to the op. who decides “needs”.

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