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    What should I do? My lips are so chapped and the winter didn’t even start yet!!! I put Vaseline on every night before I go to bed but thy are so painful! They’re more painful than how they loook- they look pretty fine but they killllllllll!!!!
    Any ideas! 💡
    😖 😣


    Aquaphor works well for chapped lips.

    They sell it in little tubes or whatever they are. I don’t know if the bottle outright states that it’s for your lips, but my dermatologist actually gave me a sample tube and told me to use it for chapped lips.

    Try it out ☺ It’s better than Vaseline, in my humble opinion


    If you read the fine print, it says it’s for chapped lips.


    Is aquaphore kosher?


    I just checked Rabbi Blumenkrantzes Pesach book. It says that Aquaphor is kosher. I find Aquaphor is the best ointment for severely chapped hands in the winter.


    Is Vaseline?


    Thanx guys!!!! 😁 😊 😺😸😘

    Shopping613 🌠

    I took racutane 3 times so I’m a expert. (Look it up, it’s banned in the USA, but I live in Israel) Basically it gets rid of your pimple forever (didn’t work for me I gues. I spent over 17 months on it) dries out your skin like nuts, you gotta put on chapstick once every half an hour.

    Find out where to get it, it works wonders! Also an aloe vera product by “forever”. Nothing else works, everything else is marketed to make your lips smell good and look nice…cosmetic not medical.

    Sy G

    I’ve also heard that Aquaphor is very good. By the way, there is no concern for kashrus because there is no דרך אכילה involved.


    Sy g – I think that in my case it might need to be kosher because I lick my lips a lot




    Use Aquaphor, not Aquaphor lip balm.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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