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    Is there a relationship between conservative/liberal economic positions and their social positions? I find it a bit ironic that on economic issues, conservatives tend to favor less regulation and less governmental control and liberals favor more regulation and more governmental control while in social issues it’s just the opposite- conservatives favor more control (not allowing gay marriage, not allowing abortion) and liberals favor less control/let the people do what they want.


    Not allowing toeiva marriage is NOT more regulations.

    What about not allowing public nudity? Is that too much regulation?


    As far as conservative not on favor of abortion and gay marriage, that is a moral issue, not a government control issue. Those are 2 completely different things. Liberals ( aka socialists) favor big government, government control, class equality, Sharing the wealth etc. conservatives favor equal OPPORTUNITY , capitalism ( unlike the left that has waged war on small business). Social issues are a different ball game.


    I never said it’s too much and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I agree with the conservative approach. When I said more regulations I meant more than the liberals. Which, as I pointed out, is ironic because liberals want more regulations in economic issues.


    There really isn’t much correlation between being a “liberal” or a “conservative” on economic, social and international issues. It’s not just orthodox Jews who often don’t fit into the 2-party holes since we tend to be liberal on economic issues (we like getting stuff from the government), but are conservative on social issues. A large amount of the African American community has a similar problem (they like handouts, but don’t approve of homosexuality, and aren’t happy that aborted babies are disprortionately from their community). Many gays have a problem since while they are social liberals, they tend to be economic conservatives (remember that their “community” lives only for this world, so why pay high taxes for things like educating children or supporting families). Being isolationist or internationalist correlates with nothing else.

    If we has an Israeli style proportional representation system, we would support a party favoring social conservatism and economic liberalism, along with a strong foreign policy. In America, there are never more than two meaningful choices since we have a two party system.

    far east

    its really just the way their ideology works out. Liberals believe the economic focus should be on the community and cultural focus should be on the individual. And Conservatives believe the economic focus should be on the individual and the cultural focus should be on the community.


    The relationship between conservative/liberal economic positions and their social positions is that liberals always take positions which do not make any logical sense and therefore they can never explain their positions. This is why liberals always argue with conservatives no matter what the issue is because they do not know how to think and always take the backward position.


    Google “world’s smallest political quiz.” It will explain a lot.


    They don’t naturally go together — the Republican party has always been the party of big business, but since the 1980s used social issues to get poor whites to vote for them.

    Against state regulation on social issues and economic issues: Libertarian. No countries are like this. Just a small minority of hard core ideologues.

    Conservative on social issues and liberal on economic issues: Religious parties in Israel. The Democratic party before the 70s. Center-right parties in Europe. Probably most parties in Third World countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

    Even within the two-party system there is room for variation. They are many Republicans who are moderate or liberal on social issues. There are some pro-life Democrats and still some who oppose toeva marriage. Many Democrats are pretty conservative on economic issues because of big business donors and lobbyists and the rightward shift in policy ideology since the 1980s.


    The Democrats pretty much by now effectively expelled party members who were pro-life or center-right on social issues.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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