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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Daas Yochid: You’re right. The version of daas torah people seem to be defending is not very old. In fact, you might call it an innovation.

    I don’t know many people who go to a rov instead of a doctor or a real estate agent.

    Many people do take advice from a rov, who might sort through the various options and offer the best one. The Chazon Ish was well known for dispensing medical advice, as is the Skverer Rebbe YBL”T. But they never performed surgery.

    Daas Torah does not mean that a gadol b’Torah is all knowing or infallible, but the refinement of character and wisdom attained by certain talmidei chachomim makes their advice more worthy of listening to than that of someone who does not possess “daas Torah”.



    Hi Zeeskite.

    Thank you for Rabbi Miller’s quote. R’ Miller always had a way of “hitting it out of the park” like no one else.

    And the fact that you also appreciate his profound quote, it is as if you said it yourself.



    Emunas Chachomim is not a popular concept in the modern world.



    Thank you. It is encouraging to know someone else too is on his team.



    Its amazing to me that the one time that the concept of a Daas Torah was needed it was “Lost”.



    zess- i dont mean he shouldnt be informed of the various errors in hashkafa, rather that this thread shouldnt be used as a spring board to blast gedolim.



    to longerekel and others:

    Prove to us that what you are proclaiming is true. Show us that this novel idea of “daas torah” in every nook and cranny of life is indeed what was practiced for generations.

    It was not. The possuk of “lo sossur’ deals with halachic matters, not ‘milei d’alma’. You will not find in Shas or poskim a concept that a Posek knows all. Even in halachic matters, there were many arguments. ‘al achas kamma vekamma” on matters of everyday custom.

    No one prevents you from asking advice or following a certain rebbe (I do, by the way) but it is a fiction to say that it is torah and thatwe must check our brains at the door and follow someone blindly. Infallibility is part of another religion.

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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