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    is this it? The one that says if a woman counted sefira then she should if she knows how?


    Tomim – “Minhag Chabad is to stay up learning until Alos Hashachar, and then to go to sleep until regular davening time, so we can daven like chassidim”

    The reason we stay up on Shavuos is to “fix” (hence Tikun Leil Shavuos) that Bnei Yisroel slept in at Mattan Torah.

    The Chabad minhag seems funny to me. To stay up al night and then go back to sleep before davening when the kriya of Mattan Torah takes place?! It’s like davka gong to sleep before Mattan Torah!

    Also, there are halachic problems of going to sleep when it is time to do a mitzvah, in this case, the mitzva of davening shachris.

    Plus it gives up the special inyan of davening at netz, k’vosikim!

    I respect the various minhagim of kehilos kodesh, but this minhag seems strange to me.



    Go for it.But not ad hoc. Make it as official as the men
    have the first night for the men
    second night for the women

    Reb Eliezer

    RG, everything you don’t understand seems funny to you. Thet want to satisfy everything being up and davening properly.


    laskern, come on, don’t you see the humor of going to sleep before Kabbolas HaTorah. Is the tikun a re-enactment of the historic failure?!

    And to sleep as a “preperation” for davening (when halacha is that one cannot go to sleep when there is a chiyuv to do a mitzva, to wit, daven shachris! That’s like a mitzvah habah b’avera: Daven better by doing the aveira of sleeping when you must do a mitzva.


    Reb G: No
    i dont see the humor……I look around shul at all the people sleeping who stayed up at night and understand those who go to sleep for 3 or 4 hours. I don’t know about you but I dont recall alos being the time that one can daven l’chatchila. Was Maamad Har Sinai at Alos or Haneitz?

    Reb Eliezer

    To quote the Magen Avraham by sittiing for Tefilin when put on the hand, kabalah does not trump halacha.

    Reb Eliezer

    RG, We mentioned before it is not a mitzva to be up. It is kabalah. No halacha in SA to be up because there is no gemora. The Beer Hetev quotes the Ari Z’l. Are you mixed up like davening shatz with a beard?


    Rebbetzin golden – funny way you have of showing respect. If it was good enough for The Rebbe, it should be good enough for you. You and all your gedaylim can snooze through davening on Shovuos, it’s probably the same as you daven all year.


    If I’m not mistaken ( correct me if I’m wrong), kabolas hatorah nowadays is at krias hatorah when we hear the eseres hadebrois. Not at alois.
    And lechatchila we don’t daven before nietz. So there’s no problem to go to sleep.
    But anyways we’re up at alois and we go to mikava right before, so we only end up going to sleep to time after alois, so even if kabalas hatorah is then we aren’t sleeping then.


    When I was growing up in South Africa, we had a very long Shvuos night. It’s the middle of winter, nacht is around 6pm and the earliest you can daven shachris is around 6am. So you have after the seuda 9 or 10 hours to learn. There were a lot of programs for men and women.
    That is called staying up all night.


    What are you hacking a tchynik?

    Here is your schedule:
    Brooklyn, Alos is 3:37,
    4 am go to sleep sleep
    6:30 wake up, dress walk yo mikva
    7 am dunk, dry, dress, walk to bais medresh to learn Tanya
    7:45 Tanya for 2 hrs
    9:45 prep for davening, put on talis, korbonos till hodu
    10 hodu

    On this schedule, you will daven after T NOST 2.5 hrs of sleep (probably less than that)…you will be fully refreshed???

    You will be snoozing thru davening just as much as me and all my “gedaylim” (you guys really talk that way, nebech, may I suggest speech therapy)


    Rebbetzin golden – wow, nice how u scream at everyone to have respect for minhogim and kreizen but you can talk with such zilzul about the minhag supported by Rabboseinu Nesieinu. Disgusting the way you talk.

    Reb Eliezer

    RG, If you meant to say that davening is a mitzva, I go to sleep before I am mechuyav.


    Tomim – “the minhag supported by Rabboseinu Nesieinu” I did a bit of checking. Although the Rebbe davened at 10 am Shavuos morning (as he did every Shabbos and Yom Tov), the Rabbonei Lubavitch davened b’hashkoma!

    The “Rebbe’s Rabbonim”, Rabbi Marlow z”l and before him Ravi Dvorkin z”l would daven ‘far togs”, as did MANY elder chassidim that were up all night in 770. The shachris minyan b;hashkoma was filled! This is a fact!

    So please, get your compass fixed.


    Laskern, Going to sleep shortly before the time of doing a mitzvah is a problem, the concern is that the person will sleep through the time allotted for doing the mitzvah…


    And The Rebbe, Nesi Doreinu Shlita, is by you nothing? If He davens at the regular time, eilov tishmo’un!


    Tomim, you think you are an equal to your Rebbe?!

    Do you fast on the days that he fasted?! (I am told it was at least twice a week)

    He never slept on shabbos (day or Friday night), Do you stay up the 26 hours of shabbos?!

    What happened to what you wrote: “eilov tishmo’un!” Be a gavra and do it, and don’t wimp out.

    What a chutzpah to pick and choose what you will do to imitate your Rebbe and what you won’t!

    It’s a package deal, “odor gor, odor gor nisht” (all or nothing).

    Don’t use your Rebbe as an excuse to chap a shlof and puf zich oiz Shavuos morning!


    Besides, Mr Tomim, I am certain that your rebbe did not go to sleep after being up all night learning!

    You stay up Shavuos night and then go to sleep till davening time (during sleep the head is on the same level as the digestive system in the body and the mind dream of illogical/silly things: pila b’kupa d’machta – an elephant walking through the eye of a needle), while your rebbe keeps learning till davening at 10!

    If you want to imitate your rebbe, go for it ALL THE WAY, but don’t do a half job.


    during sleep the head is on the same level as the digestive system in the body and the mind dream of illogical/silly things: pila b’kupa d’machta – an elephant walking through the eye of a needle)

    Again, arguing with chazal.
    The gemora says no-one ever dreamt such a thing.
    Yet you open your sewer and spout it out as if it’s a normal thing.
    Stop arguing with chazal

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